Seahawks owner Jody Allen is “very involved” and “not happy” with team’s performance

Seahawks owner Jody Allen has kept a low profile since inheriting the team from her brother, Paul Allen, three years ago. But just because she isn’t speaking publicly doesn’t mean she accepts her team’s 3-8 record.

Jody Allen is “very involved” and “not happy” with how the team is performing, according to Mike Garafolo of NFL Network.

The report also says Allen views the problems in Seattle as bigger than just a one-year blip for a team that went 12-4 last year and has had nine consecutive winning seasons.

If that’s how she sees it, she’s right: The Seahawks don’t have a first-round pick next year because they traded away what may be a Top 5 pick in the 2022 NFL draft as part of the Jamal Adams deal. And although the Seahawks do have a franchise quarterback in place in Russell Wilson, it’s not clear whether Wilson will stick around amid talk that he’s unhappy and wants to go elsewhere.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is under contract through 2025, and even though he turned 70 this season, he has shown no indications that he wants to leave any time soon. But Allen sounds like an owner who is planning to make some changes.